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he certainly could file for the return of his children under an international treaty that requires countries that sign it, and both turkey and the u.s. have, to return abducted children to their home countries. but if he doesn't, in about two years linda can file for legal custody in the u.s. and so, finally back on american soil, linda's life as a fugitive continued. she went into hiding again, this time to an unknown u.s. location. through her attorney she declined our request for a follow-up interview. as did ozgur. it was love between them once. exhilarating, thrilling, and shattered. all they share now is the declaration they both carry into battle. they love their little girls. six years of turmoil over an allegation never proved, a broken marriage, a legal nightmare, and international flight from the law, years and
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hiding, and ahead even now a fight whose ending is not at all clear. welcome to our second hour of "dateline." i'm chris hansen. now the story of another international flight from the law. this one has ended for now in a south american prison, where joran van der sloot is being held on murder charges in the death of a peruvian woman. it's been a long, bizarre journey for the man suspected in the disappearance of natalee holloway. and now, in an exclusive interview obtained by nbc news, joran van der sloot as you've never heard him before, in his own chilling words. there he is, emerging from lockdown for a pat-down. yet after three months in this tough lima prison joran van der sloot looks healthy and relaxed. amazingly, as you'll soon hear,
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he sees himself not as a murder suspect but as a victim. and incredibly, he's angry at the family of natalee holloway. >> so many things have happened because of that case and people bothering me, lying to me, you name it, anything else, that -- yeah. i have a lot of anger because of that also. >> reporter: he considers himself a victim even though he's the chief suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway. even though he's wanted in the united states for alleged extortion of the holloway family. even though he's facing murder charges in the killing this year of a young peruvian woman, stephany flores. in the meantime, van der sloot says he's doing just fine, thank you. >> when i was arrested, i was scared for sure. and also at the police station things happened that were not -- not okay at all. but since i've been here in the
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prison i've been treated really well. >> reporter: tonight, in his first television interview since his arrest, an exclusive from behind bars, van der sloot is talking. he's at turns reflective. >> i can understand that it's very hard for a family to lose somebody. >> reporter: and cold. >> natalee's someone i met one night, and i barely know her. >> reporter: he's adding new detail, telling new stories, and claiming to feel sympathy for the family of one of his alleged victims. >> i feel really bad that her family -- that her family had to lose a daughter. that really does hurt me. and i think about it all the time. >> reporter: also tonight, "dateline" retraces van der sloot's exotic odyssey across four continents, with exclusive details and photos. years after natalee holloway's disappearance he was living the life of a well-heeled
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jet-setter. what you'll hear tonight from joran van der sloot might offend you, might anger you, but it also might give you rare insight into the mind of a notorious young man who's been in the headlines for the last five years. in an interview conducted by a veteran dutch crime reporter and licensed by nbc news, van der sloot seems to confront his growing mountain of legal troubles and acknowledges for the first time his own role in causing so much grief. >> it's a whole web of problems, but i created all of them myself. so, yeah, i have to deal with it now. deal with the consequences. >> reporter: dutch crime reporter john van den heuvel interviewed van der sloot in dutch and english two weeks ago at lima's miguel castro castro prison. why did van der sloot decide to talk now? >> translator: well, i think it's important to put my side across. i'm being portrayed as a monster, as someone horrible. i want to counter that.
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>> reporter: this latest chapter in the bizarre, half-decade saga of joran van der sloot, natalee holloway, and now stephany flores, began in may in peru. van der sloot says he was there for two weeks to play in a poker tournament in the mira flores section of lima. >> mostly playing cash games in the casino. and that's mostly what i was doing. >> did you met girls in that period? >> i met -- yeah. we went out in the nighttime to different clubs and other spots in mira flores. >> you took those girls to your hotel. did you have sex with them? >> i don't -- i don't think that's -- that's important at all. at all. when we're talking about this. >> reporter: whatever happened on the nights before, on may 30th, on the fifth anniversary of natalee holloway's disappearance, this image of van der sloot was captured on a casino security video.
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he another camera showed a 21-year-old woman, stephany flores, a college student and avid poker player, in the last few hours of her life. and a camera inside the casino captured stephany with joran van der sloot. >> i met her a couple of days before in the casino. she came to play in the same table as me. and then we smoked a cigarette together and talked and the day after exchanged phone numbers. >> what was your impression of her? >> yeah. a very nice girl. like she was my -- like a friend. >> reporter: that night they played together for about two hours. stephany flores is seen collecting some of her winnings. then as night turned to day they went to his $40 a night room at the hotel tac. on the hotel's surveillance camera van der sloot is seen picking up a key at the front
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desk, with flores behind him. at 5:33 a.m. van der sloot and flores are seen entering room 309. three hours later van der sloot is seen in a different shirt apparently locked out of his room. he called a hotel employee to let him in. about 20 minutes later he's seen leaving, by himself, wearing a backpack. he left the tv blaring and reportedly told the front desk clerk, "don't disturb my girl." and the staff didn't. for at least two more days. when they did, they found the body of stephany flores. four days later, van der sloot was arrested. >> they were parading me like a show animal, you know, in a zoo. >> reporter: police say he confessed. what does he say? when "joran van der sloot: behind bars" continues. phil: at best buy, you get tv pros like me.
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on may 30th joran van der sloot met 21-year-old stephany flores at this lima, peru casino and brought her to his hotel. hours later van der sloot was seen on the security camera leaving the building. and he was gone. after not hearing from her for a couple of days, stephany flores's family began to worry. they started to search. at first they suspected a kidnapping. her brother, enrique. >> they found her vehicle in an alley. >> reporter: they learned from a casino worker that stephany was last seen with joran van der sloot and quickly discovered his connection to the natalee holloway case. >> then we find out who he was. o'and it was a shock for us. >> reporter: when a hotel employee went to van der sloot's room to investigate, she had no
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idea what she'd find. when the receptionist entered room 309, she found the body of stephany flores. she'd been badly beaten. her neck was broken. she was lying on the floor, wearing nothing but a black shirt and red panties. >> reporter: one day later stephany flores's burial was an emotional and tumultuous public event. her father, ricardo, a businessman, race car driver, and one-time minor candidate for peru's presidency, is prominent and powerful. that same day van der sloot was arrested 1,200 miles away in chile, where he'd fled. >> when i was in chile, i turned myself in to the -- i turned myself in to the police after talking to my mom. and over there they somehow, instead of giving me a -- the correct -- giving me an extradition procedure or letting me have a lawyer, they just expelled me. they just expelled me from the country. >> reporter: van der sloot says it was the first of several
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times that he was tricked by the authorities. >> they told me i wasn't arrested while they were arranging the papers for me to be -- for me to be expelled. >> reporter: at one point he even thought he could just leave. >> they asked me to sign to be expelled to peru, and i said no, i'm going to go to holland. i have my own money. so i can buy my own ticket to holland right now. i'm going to go to the airport. they said no, it's too late. and if you don't sign, then you go with force. so i said no, i'm not going to sign anything. so yeah, they put handcuffs on me and with force brought me to peru. >> reporter: he was soon marched out on an airport tarmac and put on a small plane. by the time he landed in peru, the story of stephany flores's murder was already big news. >> with a car they brought me all the way to lima without stopping. and everybody following the car and taking pictures.
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and they were parading me, putting down the window. i really feel -- felt like -- like a show animal. you know. in a zoo. >> reporter: the dutch crime reporter john van den heuvel says van der sloot now believes he made a tactical error when he fled lima. >> i think he realizes himself now that if he was -- if he had -- took a plane at that moment to the netherlands there was no problem for him. but he didn't do that. >> reporter: so he realized that had he gone right from lima to the netherlands as opposed to chile -- >> yeah. >> reporter: -- he probably would have gotten away? >> yeah. >> reporter: and once in the netherlands, could he be extradited? >> no. but he would stay in a prison in the netherlands maybe. >> reporter: in peru van der sloot was interrogated for two days. >> first when i came to the police they said they were going to put my head in a bucket of water. and they had a bucket of water there. but i didn't -- i told them i
10:15 pm
was not really so afraid of that. and it's not -- it's not threatening that was the -- was the bad part. >> reporter: at times -- he gave a written confession. in it van der sloot states he lost control when stephany flores hit him after she learned about his connection to the natalee holloway case. police recounted some of the details. >> translator: he then began choking her. he wrapped his hands around her neck and started choking her and shaking her. >> reporter: chief cesar guardia of the peruvian national police force. >> translator: he then realized the victim was still breathing. she was still showing signs of life. he took his shirt, wrapped it around her face, and began suffocating her. >> reporter: but now in his prison interview van der sloot says he signed the confession under false pretenses. >> the number one reason i went
10:16 pm
ahead with it is because the lady that the police themselves arranged to be my lawyer said that nobody wants me here in peru, i have the case in aruba, and they're going to send me to aruba. they didn't let me call my parents -- my mom. they didn't let me talk to anybody. they didn't let me arrange my own lawyer. they didn't do anything. >> reporter: in fact, van der sloot says when he signed the confession he had a nagging suspicion about the whole process. >> i felt in my stomach that something was wrong. that's why i signed -- i signed the manifestation with not a real signature, just with a scribble, not with my actual signature, just in case they were tricking me and in the end it was so, they are tricking me. >> so is the confession false? >> i'm saying i'm not -- it's not in my interest at all to talk about this. >> reporter: authorities in chile and peru said they did everything by the book when it came to arresting, expelling, and interrogating joran van der sloot.
10:17 pm
peruvian police officials emphasize van der sloot gave his confession voluntarily. the family of stephany flores hopes van der sloot will tell them everything he knows about their daughter's death but for now he will say only this. >> i feel really bad that her family -- that her family had to lose a daughter. it really does hurt me. and i think about it all the time. >> is it so difficult? because there was a camera on the hotel door. everybody knows that you were there in that room with stephany. >> okay. but it's -- it doesn't matter. i'm still saying that i'm not going to talk anything else about that just because it's not in my -- it's not in my advantage to do that at this moment. >> reporter: he says he'll only give the details to a judge during trial. stephany flores was killed exactly five years after the disappearance of natalee holloway. that case has never been solved.
10:18 pm
natalee's body has never been found. van der sloot admits he's told so many lies about the case it's made his situation even worse. >> i myself also lied many times and told stories that were not true, and i wish i could take that back, but at those times what i was thinking about was the money. it's not that i told the stories for no reason. it's because, yeah, there were people who were paying me to -- paying me to -- yeah, to make up stories and i was really good at making up stories. >> reporter: and was he looking to make money this time? >> did you pay joran van der sloot for that interview? >> no. >> did you pay his mother for the interview? >> no. >> reporter: coming up -- expressing guilt but not about natalee holloway. >> my family's gone through so much the last five years. and most of that is due to me.
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in his present interview with a dutch journalist joran van der sloot took a step back in time. >> i feel like my family's gone through -- through so much, through so much the last five years, and i feel like most of that is due to me. >> reporter: it was aruba. may, 2005. from this island paradise the world was about to hear the name
10:23 pm
joran van der sloot for the first time. on the last night of her high school graduation trip 18-year-old natalee holloway and her friends met joran van der sloot at this casino. nat aloo natalee's friend, lorraine watson, was there. >> what did you make of him? >> he just looked like an average normal high school guy. >> did he create any suspicions? >> not really. i just was curious to see who the boy was. >> reporter: natalee was seen leaving a bar with him late that night. but the next morning she missed her flight home. natalee's father, dave. >> this is not a young woman who missed airplane flights. >> right. it hit me. and grown men don't usually cry. but i knew this is bad. i knew then that i was going to have to go to aruba to find her.
10:24 pm
>> reporter: natalee's parents along with friends immediately went to aruba to track down clues about what happened to their daughter. beth holloway started at the holiday inn, where natalee had stayed, and began asking questions about the young man named joran. >> all i did was give this little bit of information to the nighttime manager, and she knew instantly who he was. >> and who was he? >> she said oh, that's joran van der sloot, and he likes to prey upon young female tourists. and i went, dear god, you know, he got one. >> reporter: beth's friends then confronted van der sloot at his home, pressing him for details about what happened after he and natalee left the bar. >> the words that he uses are sexually explicit and graphically detailed of what he is engaging in, the conduct he's engaging in with natalee in the back seat of the car. >> reporter: by that point police had arrived at the house. joran's father, paulus van der sloot, a politically connected
10:25 pm
lawyer, hovered as police questioned his son. when it came to the key question, when did joran last see natalee, joran said that he and two friends, brothers deepak and sateesh kalpoe had dropped her off at her hotel around 2:00 a.m. end of story. >> reporter: here at the holiday inn joran himself showed beth and the rest of the group where he supposedly left natalee. here at the hotel's front entrance. >> he spread his arms out, said this is where i dropped her off. and he explained how she got out of the car and she stumbled and he said she fell and she hit her head. >> reporter: van der sloot and his friends were arrested but soon released for lack of evidence. for days and weeks the family got nowhere trying to find answers. searches were conducted on land and at sea, and the holloway family went to extremes to find
10:26 pm
natalee. but for three years there were no solid leads. yet journalist bobby nadeau of the website the daily beast says joran van der sloot refused to keep a low profile. >> he's got a real hunger for publicity. he seeks out the media. he wants to talk. >> reporter: nadeau interviewed a dutch private investigator who spent several days with van der sloot. >> he said that this young man loves to talk about natalee holloway. he loved the idea that he was connected to this death. it was fame for him. it was a need he had. he's a very narcissistic young man. and being affiliated with a high-profile murder fed his desire for fame. >> reporter: van der sloot himself said he was paid for interviews in which he admits he lied. >> i misused the situation for my own advantage, and i feel bad about that. and if i could change that, i
10:27 pm
would take it back for sure. >> reporter: two years after natalee's disappearance van der sloot appeared on this dutch tv show to talk about the holloway case. in a heated exchange he threw a glass of wine in the face of crime reporter peter r. de vries. then in 2008 in a hidden camera sting set up by that same reporter van der sloot was caught saying he was with natalee when she died on a beach and that he had a friend with a boat get rid of the body. for the holloways watching this show was beyond painful. >> it was a good thing there was an ocean between us and holland because i would have come after him. >> i wanted to come through the tv and kill him. i wanted to peel the skin off his face. >> reporter: later van der sloot claimed that he had made up the whole story while he was high on marijuana. in the new interview van der sloot was asked about his
10:28 pm
ever-changing stories. >> is it the story of your life, all those lies? >> it's definitely how -- how i -- how i've been living the last five years. >> reporter: at the time the hidden camera show aired aruban prosecutors sought to arrest him again. judges denied the request. yet van der sloot remained the chief suspect in natalee's disappearance. but all the while he was able to travel the world, a young single guy out to have fun. coming up, van der sloot lands in bangkok, where some say he tried a whole new line of work. >> he was selling the girls. it was sex trade. >> when "joran van
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♪ based on his past actions and his own admission, deflecting responsibility is nothing new for joran van der sloot. >> i guess a lot of the time i thought that maybe -- maybe consequences didn't -- did not -- didn't apply to me and now is a good time to see that just like for everything you do there's a consequence and, yeah, you have to think better about something when you do it, make a thoughtful decision. >> reporter: van der sloot now says he hadn't done that before. >> i had always been very -- how you call it -- impulsive. always taken actions right away and make a decision immediately and not think about what the consequences are. >> reporter: he's had plenty of time to think about the consequences in prison in peru, where he's facing murder charges
10:33 pm
in the killing of stephany flores. but instead of seeing himself as a suspected murderer, van der sloot portrays himself as a victim. believe it or not, slamming the parents of natalee holloway for ruining his life's plans. >> how did your life changed after the disappearance of natalee? >> yeah. it was obviously a huge change in my life. i was going to go study in the states. i ended up having to go to holland. >> reporter: his plans to complete his study at a university there didn't work out, either. he moved from place to place, back and forth between aruba and the netherlands. after the infamous hidden camera sting about the holloway case on dutch tv, he hit the road again. soon after van der sloot ended up here, in this bustling university district in bangkok, thailand, about as far from
10:34 pm
aruba as one can get. that was in 2008. and there are still questions about van der sloot's motives and intentions for wanting to come to this part of the world. "dateline" uncovered immigration records showing van der sloot until recently lived the life of a jetsetting international playboy. he passed in and out of immigration at bangkok's main airport at least 18 times in 16 months. >> i traveled all over the world. and i've been mostly just -- just after that trying to enjoy myself and been busy with, yeah -- with what's happening at this moment, not thinking about the future. >> reporter: from bangkok he made trips to southeast asian gambling meccas such as macau and manila. when he was in bangkok, he lived in this house, sharing it with two other college-age roommates. and near rangsit university, where he briefly attended
10:35 pm
classes, van der sloot owned a small coffee shop. >> are you the joran van der sloot? and he said yes, i am the joran van der sloot. >> did he seem proud of it? >> yes. >> matthew lovsie, an american school staecher, said he met van der sloot in a pizza place. >> and he was there with a girl, blond girl. >> and what went through your mind when you saw him sitting next to a young blond woman who appeared to be not only a student at the university but his date? >> at first i was like, well, obviously, she can't know who he is. i mean, but whenever he just advertised who he was, when he had no shame about it, i had to -- i had to wonder if perhaps, you know, she either didn't care who he was, you know, she either didn't know or didn't care. >> in a word how would you describe his attitude? >> definitely bold. brazen. >> what was his reputation here? >> you know, i heard that he was hard up for cash. >> reporter: if he was hard up for cash in bangkok, that might
10:36 pm
explain his next brush with infamy. journalist bobbi nadeau. >> joran van der sloot by any standard of measure was very much obsessed with money and making money and sex trafficking is a lucrative business. and a lot of people close to him and a lot of people close to his family believe that joran saw that as a possibility to earn income. >> reporter: following up on a tip in november 2008, dutch reporter peter r. de vries conducted another sting at this bangkok hotel. hidden cameras recorded van der sloot attempting to persuade young thai women to move to the netherlands to work as exotic dancers. >> it's obvious that he was selling the girls. it was sex trade. no doubt about that. women trafficking. >> reporter: van der sloot denied he was trafficking women, and no charges were filed against him in connection with the incident. then his time in bangkok ended abruptly in february of this year. his father, attorney paulus van
10:37 pm
der sloot, died suddenly of a heart attack in aruba. journalist bobbi nadeau. >> it was a shock to joran. he really relied on his father. his father was his legal counsel. he was his mentor. he was his companion. he was very involved. and a lot of people believe that joran van der sloot's father was involved in the cover-up of the death and disappearance of natalee holloway. without joran's father there to protect him, he's got no one on his side. >> reporter: and van der sloot says he felt like his father's death was his fault. >> i feel like i did a lot of things that hurt my family, and so that's why i felt also responsible for his death. >> you think that's one of the reasons he died maybe? >> i -- yeah. i feel responsible for it. more in a sense that i put so much pressure on him that maybe that's the reason he had a heart
10:38 pm
attack. or -- yeah. i really felt responsible and was really depressed. >> reporter: van der sloot says he went into a tailspin, which would lead to even more trouble. >> that's how my state of mind was. i know it's not right. i know it's not okay. but that's the way it was. >> reporter: coming up -- desperate for cash, van der sloot comes up with a new scheme to shake down the holloway family. >> you start to think if you want something then i'll tell you whatever you want to hear. what i was thinking about was the money. >> reporter: when "dateline" continues.
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by spring of this year joran van der sloot had returned from years of globe-trotting to aruba. but in his eyes this island of sun and fun had grown dark. the death of his father sent van der sloot into a downward spiral. >> really felt guilty for -- for everything. >> reporter: in his prison interview he says he felt responsible for his family's troubles and for having stalled his father's career. >> i really -- for everything that happened since 2005, all the things said in the media,
10:43 pm
everything, i feel guilty for. yeah. and my family was really bothered -- bothered a lot because of it. >> reporter: racked with guilt over his father's death, he says, he sought help. >> i went to go talk to -- to a psychologist. he gave me dopamine so i would feel -- so i would feel better. >> reporter: dutch crime reporter john van den heuvel says he was given a copy of van der sloot's psychological evaluation. according to him, the report was alarming. >> the doctor said he's a narcissist, he's -- >> he's a narcissist? >> yeah. he's addicted to drugs, to alcohol, to gambling, he's -- he needs to go to a mental hospital because otherwise there will be accidents. >> reporter: his mother took the doctor's advice and found van der sloot a spot at a treatment facility in the netherlands. but van der sloot never left
10:44 pm
aruba. >> i still kept going to the casinos all the night and -- yeah. sleep all the day and not spend my time doing stuff what i should have been doing. >> reporter: during that time van der sloot allegedly came up with a new scheme to profit off the disappearance of natalee holloway, by shaking down her family. >> i got the first e-mail from van der sloot on march 30th. >> reporter: john q. kelly is beth holloway's attorney and has represented her in matters concerning van der sloot. he says that van der sloot told him he wanted to come clean and tell the truth about natalee holloway's disappearance. but the truth came at a price. >> for a quarter million dollars -- >> quarter million dollars. >> quarter million dollars i will tell you what happened to natalee, where she is now, so you can help beth bring her home. >> reporter: kelly and beth holloway went to the fbi. agents agreed to work with them on a sting to catch van der
10:45 pm
sloot committing extortion and wire fraud. kelly went to aruba and gave van der sloot a down payment of $25,000. then kelly says van der sloot led him to a site where he claimed natalee's body was buried. according to kelly, van der sloot even told him the story of how natalee died, that the two were at the beach and when van der sloot wanted to leave natalee tried to stop him. >> he got angry and actually threw her, he actually made the gesture in the car on video showing me how he threw her in anger because she wouldn't leave at that point. and according to him she hit the back of her head, lots of blood, and she was dead. >> reporter: whether that story is true, the information van der sloot gave about the location of natal natalee's body was all a hoax. van der sloot has already been charged by federal officials in alabama, where beth holloway
10:46 pm
lives, with extortion and wire fraud. now in his prison interview van der sloot admits he tried to scam the holloway family, though he claims attorney kelly contacted him first, something kelly denies adamantly. >> it's -- if everybody keeps coming at you, asking you stuff, you don't know something, and finally you start to think, okay, well, [ bleep ] you, if you want something then i'll tell you whatever you want to hear, sure. that's how my state of mind was. and i know it's not -- i know it's not right. i know it's not okay. but that's the way it was. yeah. i myself also lied many times and told stories that were not true, and i wish i could take that back. but at those times what i was thinking about was -- was the money. it's not that i told the stories for no reason. it's because -- yeah. people were paying me to -- pail paying me to -- yeah.
10:47 pm
to make up stories. and i was really good at making up stories. >> reporter: by last may, flush with cash, joran van der sloot went back to his jetsetting ways and traveled to peru for a poker tournament. >> i was contacted and asked if i wanted to come play the lapt in lima. >> reporter: that trip of course ended in tragedy, and joran van der sloot is still in peru, awaiting his fate. coming up -- what does he think now about natalee holloway and her family's pain? >> natalee's someone i met one night, and i barely know her. >> reporter: when "joran van der sloot: behind bars" continues. ♪ you look like an angel
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now, in lima's miguel castro castro prison, joran van der sloot can no longer live the life of an international party boy. there's no travel, no nightlife, and the only bars are on the
10:52 pm
prison cells. >> i have time to think all the time. so i guess i go through a lot of different emotional -- emotional states. sometimes i'm angry. sometimes i'm sad. sometimes i can't sleep. >> reporter: for reporter john van den heuvel spending time with him was fascinating but chilling. how would you best describe joran van der sloot? >> a dangerous man with two faces. kindly but dangerous. >> you could see how somebody could fall prey to him or trust him? >> i believe it. i saw it with my -- >> confide in him. >> i saw it with my own eyes, how he deals with the guards in the prison. how he deals with my camera team. how he talks with me. he's kindly. he's relaxed. and -- >> he's slick. >> yes. but i think he has two faces. >> if one face is that of a
10:53 pm
suspected cold-blooded killer, the other exudes charm and generosity. >> we heard that you teach english to the guards. >> i do. there's two of the guards that have the shift there that every three days they come and for a couple of hours i -- they bring their study books and, yeah, i do english with them. because, yeah -- and they like it. and i see they're getting better. >> reporter: and it might be a good idea for him to make friends with his jailers. he's now in a more secure, isolated area. but he wants the warden to move him. >> i think it's fine for me to go to the -- to the normal population. >> but you don't -- you are not afraid that other inmates do something to you? >> i mean, yeah, everything's possible. but i would -- i still would rather to go to the normal population and just be able to play sports. >> reporter: and despite all his troubles, van der sloot says he's actually receiving friendly letters. >> yeah, a lot of letters of
10:54 pm
people just asking how i am, for me to stay calm, that this is not the end of the world, you know, life goes on and all those things. a lot of good supporting letters. >> what do you think of those letters? >> makes -- yeah. does me a lot of good. >> reporter: in fact, van der sloot seems surprisingly comfortable in prison. >> the only thing is in the nighttime the rats -- the rats come out of the -- out of the pipes and look for whatever, food or even my clothes, they've eaten -- i've had holes in my -- in my clothes before when i'd wash them and hung them up, the rats went to the line and ate the food -- ate the clothes. so that's not all too -- too nice, to have rats there. >> what can you do against it? >> well, now we put two leiter bottles in all the -- in all the bathroom holes so they hopefully don't come up.
10:55 pm
but in the nighttime you still hear them. >> but the rats may be the least of van der sloot's worries. if convicted of murder, he could face 35 years in prison. his lawyer is trying to get the evidence thrown out in the stephany flores investigation. barring that, he's going to try to get the charge reduced to manslaughter, which could carry a sentence of seven years. of course, van der sloot has never been charged in the natalee holloway case, although he's still the chief suspect. in his latest interview van der sloot offered up little of substance about the case. but he was asked if he could imagine the holloway family's pain. >> i don't know what it feels like to lose a child because i don't have any children myself. but even losing my father hurt me a lot. so yeah, i can understand that it's very hard for -- for a family to lose somebody. natalee's someone i met one night, and i barely know her, but i had a very close connection with my father, and i did not have that -- i did not have that with her at all. that's why i can talk more about
10:56 pm
it like that. and so many things -- so many things have happened because of that case and people bothering me, lying to me, you name it, anything else, that -- yeah. i have a lot of anger because of that also. >> but can you imagine the sadness of her family? that was the question. >> the question is i probably cannot. >> joran van der sloot has told so many different stories -- >> yes. >> -- over the years. is it possible that he doesn't even remember what the truth is about the natalee holloway case? >> no, i don't believe that. when you kill somebody or when you let her body disappear, i don't -- i don't believe that you're going to forget that. >> reporter: for beth holloway's attorney, john q. kelly, van der sloot continues to play a game, a game that guarantees van der sloot the limelight. >> do you think the holloways will ever, ever find out what really happened to natalee? >> no.
10:57 pm
i don't think joran will ever tell. i think there's no question he knows, but there will be no attention given him. he will not be the focus of the holloway mystery if he clears the air and tells what happened. he likes the mystery. he likes the controversy that follows him and surrounds him by not bringing closure to the family. >> reporter: but the holloways hope that if van der sloot gets out of prison in peru his admission about extortion in this interview will lead to prison time in the united states. >> do you believe that ultimately, whether it's ten years, 20 years, or 30 years, joran van der sloot will be brought back to the united states, to birmingham, alabama and face the extortion and wire fraud charges? >> joran one day will be in alabama. the arrest warrant has been
10:58 pm
lodged. there's a hold on him. and he has to realize, whether he gets out in 12 years or 20 years or 30 years it's not over for him. he's just going to have to pack his bag and put his handcuffs on one more time and make one more trip and be in one more jail cell for another long period of time. >> there's papers here for interpol to take me to washington, yeah. they want to extradite me there. so yeah. it's not even only this problem i have now. it's -- it's a whole web of problems. but i created all of them myself. so, yeah, i have to deal with it now, deal with the consequences. >> reporter: of course, the families of these two young women will be dealing with the consequences of their loss for the rest of their days. and for them there's nothing joran van der sloot could ever say to soothe their grief. joran van der sloot's mother, anita, says she's not planning
10:59 pm
to visit him in prison. in the interview her son said he doesn't want her to come to spare her from more involvement in his troubles. for more on this story log on to our website at that's all for this edition of "dateline friday." we'll be back again for "dateline monday" at 10:00, 9:00 central. i'm chris hansen. for ann curry and all of us at i'm chris hansen. for ann curry and all of us at nbc news, good night. -- captions by vitac --

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